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Aftermarket Light Bar Solution for NEW Ford Trucks
LightbarMAX Wiring Kit completely solves the issue that occurs when installing any LED light bar, brake light, or turn the signal on newer Ford trucks 2018+ F150—F350. This easy-to-install device means no more random trailer detection or blind spot/lane detection issues when an aftermarket LED light bar is installed.

WHAT DOES THIS UNIT DO? Solves an issue that occurs when installing a large LED brake and turn signal light bar on newer Ford trucks 2018+ F150 – F350.

The issue occurs when the aftermarket light bar is connected – the vehicle sometimes thinks a trailer is attached and sometimes it does not. When the issue occurs, it causes the dash to ding and for the blind spot detection to turn off. While driving the vehicle, the issue will randomly occur.
For other vehicles looking to add lights – and they are monitoring current, the flat four-way could be cut off.

  1. Plug LightbarMAX in-between the LED light bar and the vehicle trailer connector plug.
  2. Connect the red fused wire to constant 12v directly to the battery or to the main power distribution box (draws no current unless the lights are on).
  3. Mount the unit and led light bar.


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