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Eliminate spark blowout & increase performance

The SparkMAX ignition voltage booster provides up to an 85% increase in spark delivery. Delivering the highest continuous voltage and amperage output without noise and is available in a true 40-amp input fuse configuration, giving you the ability to choose how to enable the SparkMAX unit voltage-boosting output. The activation options allow you to choose the device that works best for your specific vehicle installation.

JMS Chip & Performance was the first company to produce a plug n’ play ignition voltage booster for the Mustang, and the SparkMAX unit carries that innovation even further. For users that want the ultimate in easy installation, choose the plug n’ play option that connects to the main ignition wiring harness or choose the universal device that is easy to wire in, just cut and splice a single wire.

The proprietary enclosure and industrial heat-sink, feature 10-gauge heavy-duty wiring with a 40-amp fuse along with a host of new and innovative features to further improve the user experience. The maximum output voltage range is user selectable and is controlled by a dial in the faceplate, or via the optional in-cabin over-ride control dial that adjusts the voltage on the fly.

We are the only company to offer user-adjustable voltage ramp in and ramp out rates. This feature allows the user to correct and eliminate fuel pressure spikes that occur when fuel pump voltage is rapidly increased or decreased. Allowing maximum control over the voltage ramp-in and ramp-out rate and depending on the model, the voltage can be controlled via time or boost pressure, or it can be controlled via time or monitored voltage, and it’s easy to set up via simple to use dials and switches.

SparkMAX Voltage Booster kits are shipped complete with everything you need for installation.