Designed to work with BIG horsepower, traction limited vehicles (Forced Induction Vehicles – Aftermarket/OE Builds – Front Wheel Drive). Adjustable on-the-fly, to enhance your traction & acceleration. Simple to install, the unit plugs in-line between your vehicle’s pedal position sensor & vehicle harness. Use the included dual-dials to adjust the feel of your Pedal and the amount of available Traction. Dial save feature is great for new drivers, just adjust the dual-dials and unplug to save the settings.

• Optimize Acceleration & Traction

• Increase Throttle Response

• Simple to Install & Waterproof

• Dual Adjustment Dials Included

• Factory & Aftermarket Tuning Compatible

• Supports Most Vehicles

• Unplugged Dial Saves the Position of Both Control Dials

• Designed & Assembled in the USA

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