Conception, development and production from a single source

We develop and produce hard- and software for:
The implementation of customer-specific requirements is only one of our strengths and if required we gladly undertake the construction of the needed mechanics.

Our Services

The development

Upon your product idea our engineers develop electronic devices and systems and support you in avoiding upcoming deficits and errors beforehand, therefore clearly saving costs.
Our development department supports you in:
Furthermore we help you with questions referring to:

Efficient assembly of printed circuit boards

By request we control and test your boards before the delivery, so you have the guarantee to receive a product of the highest quality.

Appliance Assembly

Upon request we sheet all for you produced assemblies or assemblies delivered by your company in standard or customer specified housing.

We focus especially on the compliance with all regulations and protection types. Already during the construction the achievement of desired requirements plays an important role. Emphases as costs, ergonomic issues or the demanded means of protection are being considered from the beginning in order to construct the housing, meeting the required needs.

Naturally we pack up your products for the shipment to the final customer, if desired.

Cable Assembly

We manufacture according to your wishes and the required specifications all common round and flat cables.

In order to offer you a rounded off service here, as well, various marking, labeling and signage possibilities are counted among our range of services.

Common quality controls, as the test for continuity and short circuit, ensure a secure product result.

Additionally we are able to construct cables specifically for your needs, working together with our cable manufacturers.

Hotmeld-Moulding – enrichment for your product quality

By utilizing the Hotmelt-Molding procedure we are able to over-mold the circuit boards and plug connections in a material protecting way.

Assemblies are over-molded with low temperature and low processing pressure. Due to the complete embedding in casting compound, results in high quality and durable components, with low tool costs.

Examples of Application & Advantages:

Naturally the used granulate material is adapted for the particular field of application and adjusted to your goals. Protection types up to IP67 can also be realized.

Construction of Electric Control Boxes

Challenge us – ask for the “how” – we provide the solution.

With our experts in the field of constructing electric control boxes we implement nearly all requirements within the shortest amount of time.

Conception, projecting, procurement of material, production and assembly – according to your wishes, all from a single source.

Due to our experience in projecting of electric control boxes and our knowledge in the field of hard- and software development, we are able to clearly optimize the production effort. In the case of a constantly recurring wiring effort it’s possible to minimize the effort, for instance by developing a component.

The advantage: Time as well as cost saving

Beyond that we take care of the approval of the products we manufactured for you, in the case of a necessary certification.

Fulfillment: Our Service – Your Benefit

No matter if storage, disposition or repair – beyond the technical services we round off our service for you through fulfillment.

The finished product will be delivered simply and uncomplicated in your name and with your papers to your customer. By issuing frame orders we dispose the production material and induce our suppliers to set up a safety stock. Hence we are able to coordinate a smooth product and delivery inflow.

Due to systematical gathering of all component batches and processes we ensure a complete documentation, thus guarantee a consistent traceability.

Withal we always focus on meeting your requirements. Also in this case you benefit from our many years of experience with renowned companies, for which we have defined individually adapted production and delivery processes.

Quality Inspection & Tests

In order to live up to our self-imposed aspiration of delivering error-free products to our customers, we make use of multiple testing procedures and techniques to insure quality assurance.

The continuing technological change, as well as the increasing complexity of the components, has led us to conduct optical product surveillance with an AOI-system. Alongside an ICT-system and a boundary-scan we can count functional tests as well as the implementation of customer’s testing systems among our possibilities.

If requested, we create an individual testing procedure for you, in cooperation with you.

With our many years of experience in test planning we support you in avoiding pitfalls beforehand, therefore saving costs.

Our test facilities: