PedalMax VS Pedal Commander

In the performance parts aftermarket, competition among different brands and manufacturers can be fierce. Throttle response controllers, in particular, have gained significant popularity. While some believe that all throttle response controllers offer similar functionality, it is crucial to recognize the substantial differences that exist between them. In this comparison, we proudly present PedalMAX Vs Pedal […]

The Evolution of Automotive Electronics: Powering the Future

The automotive industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years, not only in terms of design and engineering but also in the realm of electronics. From simple mechanical systems to advanced electronic controls, automotive electronics have played a crucial role in shaping the modern driving experience.  we will provide a look into the fascinating […]

Maximize Your Cars Performance With JMS

Are you a car enthusiast looking to push your vehicle’s performance to the limit? Do you desire increased power, better fuel economy, and improved throttle response? If you’re nodding along, then you need to explore the world of high-performance parts from JMS Chip & Performance. JMS Chip & Performance is a leader in the automotive […]

The Overlooked Potential of Throttle Response Controllers

PedalMAX and PedalMAX Terrain

Throttle response controllers are essential for modern automotive performance. They can enhance your vehicle’s response and make driving more enjoyable. Devices like JMS PedalMAX are highly praised for their ability to provide an instant way to enhance your car’s performance. Despite their potential, they often fly under the radar of many car enthusiasts. They deserve more attention. […]

The Ultimate Checklist for Buying a Performance Upgrades:

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your vehicle, there are many aftermarket parts to consider. But navigating this maze of components can sometimes be overwhelming. To ease the process, we’ve created the ultimate checklist for buying a performance upgrade. And of course, we’re featuring some of the top-notch performance products by JMS: FuelMAX, FleetMAX, […]

Why Summer is the Ideal Season to Kickstart Your Car Modifications

Temperatures are rising and days are getting longer. This is the perfect time for summer projects. Have you been thinking about modifying your car? Now is the perfect time to start. Car enthusiasts and newbies alike can take advantage of summer to improve their car’s performance.There are many ways to modify a vehicle, from simple […]