In the performance parts aftermarket, competition among different brands and manufacturers can be fierce. Throttle response controllers, in particular, have gained significant popularity. While some believe that all throttle response controllers offer similar functionality, it is crucial to recognize the substantial differences that exist between them. In this comparison, we proudly present PedalMAX Vs Pedal Commander. Join us as while we explore every aspect that is offered: Features, capabilities, advantages, pricing and more….

PedalMax vs. Pedal Commander: How do they work?

PedalMax and Pedal Commander are both throttle response controllers that aim to improve the driving experience by reducing throttle response time. While they share a common goal, there are differences in how they work and the features they offer.

PedalMax operates by altering the electronic signal that is sent from the accelerator pedal to the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU). It modifies the accelerator pedal signal and removes the inherent delay and lag created by the drive-by-wire system used in modern cars. PedalMax allows for an immediate and improved response and acceleration, eliminating the dreaded throttle response delay.

Pedal Commander and other PedalMax competitors work in a similar manner.

PedalMax Offers 

  • Price: $289.75 
  • Includes: PedalMAX Control Box, PedalMAX Wire Harness, On-the-fly Control Knob, and Cable ties.
  • Superior Throttle Response
  • Adjust-On-The-Fly:  Easily customize the throttle response to YOUR preference, ranging from Stock (0) to Max (100) setting.
  • Elimination of Throttle Lag
  • Enhanced Fuel Economy
  • Simple Installation: Plug-N-Play
  • Waterproof Design
  • Compatibility: PedalMAX is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, both factory and aftermarket tuned
  • Trusted Performance: PedalMAX is designed and assembled in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and performance.
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • In production since 2011 
  • Other product versions are available:  PedalMax Terrain, TractionMAX

Pedal Commander OffersPrice: $299.99 

  • Different Performance Modes
  • Throttle Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Mobile App
  • Acceleration
  • Lively Ride Quality
  • Not waterproof
  • Made in Turkey 

PedalMax Vs Pedal Commander: Which One Is Worth Buying

When it comes to choosing between PedalMAX and Pedal Commander, both products have their merits. 

However, the PedalMAX emerges as the clear winner for those seeking a throttle response controller that prioritizes: performance, ease of use, exceptional customer service, and craftsmanship. 

JMS takes a practical and performance-driven approach, prioritizing features and functionalities that have a tangible impact on your driving experience. Rather than relying on flashy modes or a mobile app that has minimal value, PedalMAX puts its emphasis on delivering a simple to use interface – their Adjust-On-The-Fly user interface allows you to quickly and easily adjust the product.

User Interface:  PedalMAX is the clear winner with their simple to use Adjust-On-The-Fly knob.  Set the knob and forget it.  If you lose your knob or if it is damaged, they offer a low cost replacement.   

While a mobile app can look appealing, what happens if the app is no longer updated or supported (will the product still work)?  After your initial adjustment, will you use the app again or does it just take up space?  Does this app have access to your data and/or the way that you drive?  Is it legal to use this app while you are driving?

By choosing the PedalMAX, you’re opting for a brand that believes in substance over superficial features. 

Our commitment to providing higher performance insures that you’ll have a trusted partner throughout your ownership experience.

With PedalMAX, you can expect reliable and exceptional performance and a superior driving experience.

While we realize that is not the most objective comparison, we invite you look at real customers reviews and comparisons, so you can see the true difference. click Here


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  1. I have honda hrv 2020. So far great easy to use. My opinion is that these flashy modes like econ sport have no value on my vehicle since oem manufacturer already has these features built into the design of the vehicle.

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