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Cd-1 Marine Ignition Kit – 103003

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Cd-1 Marine Programable Ignition Kit (complete system – including usb adapter) p/n 103003

  • Simple to install and configure, perfect for all marine engines that utilize a distributor.

Warranty: 1 Year


Cd-1 Marine Programable Ignition Kit (complete system – including usb adapter) p/n 103003

Simple to install and configure, perfect for ALL big-block and small-block marine engines that utilize a distributor.

Note: This ignitions system can be used directly out of the box without any PC programming if connecting to a locked out or mechanical or vac advance distributor (points, TFI or magnetic pickup).

Includes: CD-1 Marine Programable ignition module p/n 103001, CD-1 ignition coil p/n 103002, CD-1 Marine 12 pin wire harness, USB Interfade 102004, instructions and parts bag.

Parts bag: power and ground terminals (2), coil terminals (2), single pin weather pack male shell and terminal (1), single pin weather pack female shell and terminal (1), seals (2) optional diodes that are used when connecting inputs to solenoid type coils.

  • 135 mj of spark energy output
  • rpm limit – 3000 rpm(min) and 9,900 rpm(max) adjustable in 100 rpm increments
  • waterproof – encapsulated construction
  • wiring – 12 pin waterproof harness
  • compatible – All 8-4-6 cylinder even fire engines that utilize points, magnetic pickup distributor, four magnet crank trigger, Ford TFI or ECU trigger
  • compact –  Ignition Module: 9.375″ L x 3.625″ W x 2.75″ H. —  Coil: 4.4″ L  x 3.2″ W x 3″ H
  • efficient – Less than 5A current draw at 8000 rpm
  • designed for 16v power systems (8-20v) and reverse polarity protected
  • start timing retard is user configurable – up to 10 degrees of starting spark retard
  • built-in data logging – stores 5 hours of data at 10 samples/sec or 30 minutes of data at 100 samples/sec
  • optional – dedicated input for timing retard (up to 18 degrees – adjust via switch)
  • optional – dedicated input for manifold pressure input (configure via our simple to use software)
  • optional – configurable inputs/output that can be programmed as a RPM Window Switch (Nitrous) or it can monitor/log a 0-5v sensor
  • options – two additional user configurable inputs that can be setup to monitor/log two 0-5v sensors.
  • simple to configure with our easy to navigate software (windows)


CD1 Product Version Differences and Details:

Ignition BOX CD1 Mounting Template:


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Weight 7.00 lbs
Dimensions 6.00 × 8.00 × 15.00 in





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